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The folks at Elevation Beer Co. in Poncha Springs arranged the live entertainment from singer/guitarist, Caleb Wilbourn and donated a generous 25% of their profits to Haven for Hope!  John DiGiorolamo had opportunities to talk to people and sell his book, It's Not About the Sex, about human trafficking.  It was an enjoyable evening for all!  

Upcoming Events: Upcoming Events

At a recent breakfast for local veterinarians, Dr. Beth Ritchie was asked to discuss

'BV HOPE' which she started with a dedicated group of volunteers in 2014.  Enthralled at her description of their amazing work to decrease and prevent human trafficking in local central Colorado communities, perusing their website also revealed their 'Haven for Hope' initiative to provide safe and restorative housing for adult trafficking survivors.  This is something I wanted to support.  The question

On April 18, my sister Diane, niece Dulce, and I begin my sister's dream adventure:  Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).  This national scenic trail is 2,650 miles from southern California to northern Washington along the Cascade and Sierra mountain ranges. 

As a retired US Army officer and veterinarian, I still want to serve.  While praying and pondering about Haven for Hope and the epic (for me) trek, the answer became clear - to use the trek to help raise awareness and money for Haven for Hope.

We began our trek on April 18, 2023 from Campo, California.  Follow our adventures on our YouTube channel!


Although we didn't get to complete the 2,650 miles, we want to thank all the people who donated to reach $2776!  

Many thanks, Margery

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February 14, 2023



It was a fun evening celebrating Valentines Day at the

Deerhammer Distillery

in Buena Vista!

A huge thanks to Deerhammer for hosting this partnering event to raise awareness of Haven for Hope and for donating a portion of their proceeds to benefit the future home!

Thank you for joining us for our second annual Fundraiser Gala!
August 24, 2023

Mount Princeton Hot Springs

$21,000 was raised due to our generous community!
$5000 matching grant met!

Heartfelt thanks to our  giving community and many volunteers who came out in support of creating a sanctuary home for formerly trafficked women to be restored and healed in body, mind and spirit.

gala 23 pic3.JPG
Gala 2023 Gala pic1_edited.jpg

It was a fun evening celebrating Valentines Day 2023 at the Deerhammer Distillery in Buena Vista! A huge thanks to Deerhammer for hosting this partnering event to bring awareness to Haven for Hope and for donating 10% of their proceeds to help fun our future home! 

Haven for Hope Fundraiser Gala
August 2022
Silent and Live Auction
Mount Princeton Resort

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